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Des Moines Metropolitan
Wastewater Reclamation Authority
3000 Vandalia Road
Des Moines, IA 50317

WRA is Green because we

  1. Generate and beneficially use biogas thru our anaerobic digesters
  2. Use our effluent for process water and washdown
  3. Concentrate our waste activated sludge before adding it to our digesters thereby reducing the heat (energy) needed to bring it up to temperature
  4. Accept hauled waste which creates more biogas
  5. Return the nutrients in our biosolids to farm fields
  6. Are always looking ways to reduce our energy consumption and increase our energy production thru our Energy Management Team and our employees


WRA is committed to:

  • Reducing electrical and natural gas usage through conservation and efficiency
  • Increasing biogas production and use
  • Increasing on-site electrical generation


To learn more about WRA's green efforts thru energy, water, and nutrient management, click here for a virtual presentation.