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Des Moines Metropolitan
Wastewater Reclamation Authority
3000 Vandalia Road
Des Moines, IA 50317


27 Inteceptor

The WRA is commited to using the latest technology to streamline processes and minimize expenses. The philosophy of the WRA is to deploy best of breed technology to increase plant uptime and decrease energy consumption. Since 2010 the Information Technology staff at the plant has virtualized 90% of the server and computer infrastrure.

Virtualization in computing, is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a hardware platform, operating system, a storage device or network resource. Through the use of virtualization the WRA has reduced the amount of physical servers that run the plant from 25 to just 7. This drastically reduces power comsumption and the amount of administrtive overhead neccessary to manage day to day operations.

The IT staff has also implemented VDI or desktop virutalization. This takes business computing from a personal computer desktop architecture to a client server model of computing. Employees can now access the same desktop or session from anywhere inside or outside of the facility. This model of computing has several advantages including reduced downtime due to hardware and software failures, lower cost of deploying new virtual machines, increased security, and improved data integrity.