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Des Moines Metropolitan
Wastewater Reclamation Authority
3000 Vandalia Road
Des Moines, IA 50317

Construction Information and Traffic Closures

Current Road Closures:

Click here to view information regarding road closures for this project as well as other construction projects in Des Moines

Additional construction and road closure information for each individual segment will be posted below:

     -Closure of SE 30th Street from Vandalia Road to CB&Q Street -                                              In effect until 7/15/17

   -Closure of Dean Avenue from East 28th Street to East 28th Court -                                        In effect until 8/7/17

   -Closure of Dean Avenue from East 28th Court to East 29th Street -                                        Starts 4/14/17 through 8/7/17

   -Closure of Dean Avenue from East 29th Street to East 29th Court -                                        Starts 6/1/17 through 8/7/17

   -Closure of Easton Boulevard under I-235 Overpass -                                                              Phase 1 - Starts 4/18/17 through 8/1/17                                                                                  Phase 2  - Starts 8/28/17 through 11/1/17

   -Closure of E 22nd Street from Latin King to Elizabeth                                                             Starts 4/18/17 through 6/27/17

   -Closure of SE 30th from Dean Avenue to Raccoon Street -                                                      9/1/17 through 11/15/17

   -Closure of SE Vandalia Road from SE 30th to 600' East of SE 30th -                                      Starts 3/1/18

   -Closure of Scott Avenue West of SE 30th Street -                                                                   In effect until 4/28/17

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