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Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) Program

     The Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) Ordinance was developed in response to actions by the U.S. EPA requiring a reduction of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).  The WRA communities collectively adopted the FOG Ordiance in 2006 and have since seen a significant reduction in SSOs, FOG-related sewer blockages, and FOG buildup in the public wastewater collection system.  The ordinance requires FOG to be controlled or captured at the source (i.e. by the waste generator) using best management practices in the food service establishment, by installing grease removal devices ("grease interceptors") to capture the FOG and waste food solids, and by working with certified grease haulers to maintain/clean these grease interceptors on a routine basis.  Proper onsite management of fats, oils, and grease reduces the amount of these pollutants discharged to the publicly-owned treatment works and results in far fewer sanitary sewer blockages and overflows that adversely impact public health and the environment. 

CLICK HERE for an informative guide on requirements related to the FOG Ordinance.



Contact Information:

     For questions regarding the Fats, Oil, and Grease Ordinance, please contact:
  Paul Ebert, Regulatory Compliance Team Leader - (515) 323-8133
  Jason Merk, FOG Coordinator - (515) 323-8123
  Andrew Finke, FOG Inspector - (515) 323-8131 
  Amber Erickson, FOG Inspector - (515) 323-8021
  FAX - (515) 323-8063

FOG Ordinance Information

     Frequently Asked Questions
     25% Rule
     Informational Letter
     Municipal Code

Grease Haulers

     Certified Grease Haulers
     Grease Maintenance Log

Grease Interceptors

     Grease Interceptor Sizing Proposal
     Grease Interceptor Sizing Proposal Example
     Grease Interceptor Exceptions
     Typical Grease Interceptor Installation
     Grease Additives

Hood and Vent

     Hood Cleaning

Educational Materials

     English Best Management Practices (BMPs)
     English Poster

     Bosnian BMPs
     Bosnian Poster

     Spanish BMPs
     Spanish Poster

     Telugu BMPs
     Telugu Poster

     Simple Chinese Poster
     Traditional Chinese Poster