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Posted on: July 23, 2021

Ingersoll Run Project Details

Learn more about the planned Ingersoll Run construction project timeline and the street closures that will affect traffic around the project.

Ingersoll Run MAP - PZThe planned route for this project has been established and any adjustments to the alignment, other than what is included in the attached Exhibits, will likely not be possible. Events will need to be adjusted to avoid and/or to circumnavigate the project area. Businesses along the project alignment will also need to be prepared for the impacts of the project.

The WRA is currently designing the WRA Ingersoll Run Outlet Sewer (INGRO) to intercept the combined sewer flow from the area west of MLK Parkway. It is anticipated that the pipe size will be 5.5 feet in diameter which will require a significant construction area along the alignment of the sewer. The alignment of this sewer is shown on Exhibit A. The project will be broken into three separate construction segments (also shown on Exhibit A) with the following anticipated schedules:

Segment 1 Construction Timeline:

-Pipe Installation, Paving and Rough Grading: January 2022 – December 2022

-Final Restoration, Seeding, Sodding: March 2023 – June 2023

Segment 1 Street Closings: 

  • Water Street: Closed
  • Principal Park Parking Lot: Northerly Portion Closed
  • 2nd Avenue: Open
  • 3rd Street: Closed (may remain open if Alternate 4th Street alignment is used)
  • MLK Jr Parkway Westbound Lanes: Closed - 2-way traffic will be maintained using the current Eastbound lanes and access to the intersecting streets will be available to the south.
  • 5th Street: Closed to the North
  • 7th Street: Partial Closure to the North
  • 8th Street: Closed to the North (Overpass Open)
  • 9th Street: Closed to the North (Overpass Open)
  • 11th Street: Open
  • 14th Street: Open to the South

Segment 2 Construction:

-Pipe Installation, Paving and Rough Grading: January 2023 – December 2023

-Final Restoration, Seeding, Sodding: March 2024 – June 2024

Segment 2 Street Closings:

  • Mulberry: Closed
  • 15th Street: Closed
  • Locust Street: Closed
  • Fleur/Grand/Locust Intersection: Closed
  • 18th Street: Closed

Segment 3 Construction:

-Pipe Installation, Paving and Rough Grading: January 2022 – December 2022

-Final Restoration, Seeding, Sodding: March 2023 – June 2023

Segment 3 Street Closings: 

  • 18th Street: Closed
  • Ingersoll: Closed
  • 19th Street: Closed
  • High Street: Closed
  • MLK Jr Parkway at High Street: Open
  • 22nd Street: Closed

It is anticipated that street closures will extend for approximately 1 construction season. For example, all streets on segment 1 are anticipated to be closed upon the beginning of construction which is anticipated to be around February or March of 2022. Once any portion of a street is closed, it will remain closed until November or December of 2022.

Detours and temporary access will be coordinated wherever possible. At this time no definitive detours nor temporary access routes have been established. WRA is working with the City of Des Moines Traffic and Transportation Department to establish detours and temporary access where needed.

Note that Segment 1 and Segment 3 will be constructed at the same time while Segment 2 will begin 1 year following the start of Segments 1 and 3. This schedule has been established to allow traffic flow across the project area while still meeting the timeline established in the agreement with the State of Iowa.

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